Monday, June 20, 2011

Midsummer night drenched.

Tomorrow is midsummer day. Normally I like to stay up to watch the sunrise. Not for any religious reason, it's just that sunrise is around 4 am and staying up to see it isn't much of a task.

I'm not bothering this year. The heating is on, the outside temperature is 7C / 44F and that's from the sensor that's inside the greenhouse. The sky is completely overcast and it's raining. There's no point staying up to watch the clouds get brighter.

Meanwhile, the cost of heating is going up even more to counteract 'global warming' even though in years past, I spent many evenings drinking cider in the garden at this time of year. In my attic is an electric fan that has not been used for the last three summers. The heating used to be switched off completely from May to September but not any more.

Global warming has been the biggest con trick of the century. It kills more and more old people every winter because they can't afford the huge cost of heating. It's destroying businesses with ridiculous carbon taxes and setting us all up for no power at all in the future when all we have to rely on will be solar panels in the dark and windmills in calm weather.

Al Gore should be facing charges in every country that's fallen for his scam.


Regina Richards said...

You have to heat your home in the summer? Wow! You really do live north. Here in Texas we're getting a break from the 100+ degree heat. It's just in the 90s this week.

Romulus Crowe said...

It wasn't always like this. A few years ago, I'd turn the heating off completely from May to Spetember. I'd be outside in the evening because it was too hot in the house.

Now it's cold and wet all year. Global warming? I think those people are on a different planet.

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