Sunday, May 08, 2011

Time-lapse apology.

Never post when in a rage. You just have to go back the next day and edit the red-mist blunders out of it.

Anyhow, I have calmed down a little because I have avoided looking at the newspapers today. If you do read the papers always save the cartoons for last. You don't want to use up the only smile-inducing thing in the whole paper too soon.

One story I did pick up on another blog was the news that the Spanish have apologised to the Jews for the Spanish Inquisition.

Yes, I stopped and paused for a while too. Yes, it was over four hundred years ago. Yes, the Inquisition targeted Muslims and Protestants and atheists too - in fact, it targeted all non-Catholics and quite a few Catholics for good measure.

Sometimes I wonder if all politicians everywhere spend their time looking for something to apologise for. Sooner or later some idiot is going to apologise for the apocalyptic effect on the environment caused by the invention of the wheel.

It seems an Israeli group asked for this apology. What astounds me is that they got it. So when is Italy going to apologise for the Roman Empire? When are the French going to apologise for the Norman Invasion? And the Vikings - oh, you guys are going to need kneepads for the apologies you have to make.

The human race started in Africa and spread from there all over the planet. So it's all Africa's fault and they should apologise. If you're religious, the human race came from Eden which would have been around the region of Iraq/Iran so to you, it's their fault.

Since Christianity and Islam both sprang from the original Judaism, when are the Jews going to apologise for the Ottoman Empire and the Crusades?

How far back does this ridiculous guilt-fest have to go before someone says 'Okay, it's just getting silly now'? For me it passed that point quite some time ago.

One day there will be demands for God to apologise for the Big Bang. He probably will because by now, even he must be thinking that it wasn't such a good idea after all.


Southern Writer said...

This is funny. I'm glad someone besides me posts things that they later regret and have to go back and delete them. I did that just this morning.

What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Apologies and silliness. I am NOT racist; but every once in a while I have to work with someone who could make me that way very quickly. When faced with attitude about the things that happened prior to our Civil War, I think, "Get over it. You weren't there and neither was I." One guy in particular thinks the U.S. government owes him 40 acres and a mule, and that the rest of the world owes him a living.

Now I'm probably going to be made to regret saying it.

Romulus Crowe said...

SW - hating an individual is not racist - well, it didn't used to be. Racist is when you hate a whole race just because they are of that race.

A whinger is a whinger, no matter what colour their skin. Detesting them should be a human right. It's certainly normal.

Here in the UK, I have never met any black people who have even mentioned slavery. The UK was once the hub of the trade, but was also the first to outlaw it and to back that up with the navy. That part never gets mentioned here.

It's the tweed-wearing white wannabe Jiminy Crickets who go on and on about it. They can prick my conscience all they want. I don't have one.

In fact, it's those white matrons of guilt and puritanism who are responsible for almost all the problems we have here. We get bans omn Christmas in case it offends the Muslims but it's not the Muslims who demand it. It's the drones of political correctness, and they're all white. Is it racist to despise my own race?

I've taught two Muslim students. Both were excellent, both were on eight-week projects and both published good papers. One was Syrian and her father was 'something' in the government. I hope she's okay. The other was Indonesian. Very nice guy, very quiet and hard working.

I've taught some excellent British students too, as well as a few duds. To be fair, a lot of the students who worked with me produced publications even if they were only around for a short time. One kid on a school project even managed a little paper at a conference.

I don't think I pressed them too hard. Not many other supervisors managed to get publications out of M.Sc. students.

I must have just been lucky.

Regina Richards said...

How far back would I need to go to find the original ancestor who developed an uber-efficient metabolism? He/she stuck me with a constant battle to keep off the weight. Is there a particular tree in Africa I could start looking in for the decendants of that inconsiderate chimpanzee?

I want an apology!

Southern Writer said...

What she said!

Romulus Crowe said...

It'll be the tree with the broken branches.

I think we might be looking at a common ancestor here.

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