Saturday, May 07, 2011


These days, it's all about asteroids.

We are supposed to live in terror because an asteroid won't hit the planet but might pass close enough that you could see it with a telescope. All this is probably great for selling newspapers but the ghostly hints are being pushed aside.

You know that scene in 'Men in Black' where they pick up a trashy paper for clues? It's no joke. Only the trashy papers will publish those stories and while most are junk, there are a few gems to be found in there. Not lately. All we have are asteroids and terrorists and other imaginary things to be frightened of.

Now, it's hard to find a ghost story anywhere that is not a blatant photoshop-type hoax. The hoaxes were always around and always fairly easy to spot but once in a while there was that odd, inexplicable one. They're all gone. Vanished among the terror of smoke, salt, booze and fat.

I have therefore been spending a lot of time just making stuff up. Well, everyone else does these days. Science is now more about imagination than reality so I have switched to imagination. At least I label my efforts in this direction as fiction and separate them from real science, which these days seems to make me a rarity.

The climate science debacle, the tobacco, fat, salt, alcohol and so on nonsense, have all brought mainstream science into depths of absurdity that have never been plumbed by the paranormal, nor even by witchcraft, alchemy nor even Celtic shamanism. Compared to much of modern science and the rigour by which it reports its results, I am not only mainstream I am at the top!

I should be pleased but in fact I am sickened.

There is no point attempting to prove anything through science when science is so corrupt. Third hand smoke. Passive obesity. Obesity epidemic. Stuff that Kafka would have dismissed as too incredible. All of it is such absolute crap and yet we have heads of important institutions nodding and saying 'Yes, this utter crap must be believed'.

I have to prove to these people that the ghosts I see are real? Why? I might as well try to prove to a lunatic that the jewels in his milk are just refractions of the sun. Which I could, but these days, why bother? He is as sane as the major leaders of any scientific institution in the world. Perhaps more sane. And less dangerous.

So the hell with it. I will continue to search for proof but in the current climate of science, I will apply my own rules. There will be no fake stats or imaginary conclusions here. I might become the last outpost of a forgotten dream called 'science' but I will hide it behind fiction that holds clues.

That's the game now. Somewhere in the fiction are the things I have really found out about life, afterlife, otherlife and non-life. I will hide them in plain sight but I will call it fiction.

Science, which believes so much trivial nonsense these days, will dismiss me as a crank as they always have. Then they will earnestly discuss passive drinking as if it could actually exist.

Some of the fiction will just be fiction. Some of it will not be. There is a lot here that should be told but cannot be told through a twisted modern science that follows Paganism but not Pan.

There will be changes here.


Southern Writer said...

Bring it on!

Romulus Crowe said...

The best place to hide a book is in a library, as the saying goes ;)

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