Monday, March 14, 2011

Interesting Things - 6.

1. The Bloop

Okay, I can find nothing on this one at all. It's an undersea noise recorded in the Pacific in 1997 and it remains unexplained. It sounds, to me, like a bubble. Perhaps a large clathrate collapse. To date, it has not been assigned any official explanation at all. Chthulu is fiction. Let's not even start on that one.

The most interesting thing about this one, aside from its inexplicability, is that it's not the only unexplained sound to come out of the ocean. Some very strange noises have been recorded.

Some are available here, with whale sounds, boats, volcanoes and earthquakes for comparison.

If your name is Julia, beware. Davy Jones is calling for you.

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Southern Writer said...

Hmm. I listened to the sped up version and the original, and all I can say is that I wonder who heard the "unretouched" sound and knew it went bloop? It didn't sound like anything at all to me. Besides the bloop, which is really only interesting for its volume, I liked the earthquake. That sounded like a scary movie voice to me ... like in a Schwarzenegger movie. Predator, maybe. Since the bloop has been heard many times (any more since 2008?), there's probably a cave deep under the ocean floor, and every once in a while, it burps. We've explored very little of the ocean, relatively speaking.

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