Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chasing the moon.

Typical. It was clear skies all day and as soon as night fell, the clouds rolled in. This is the best one so far, but I haven't given up for the night yet.

The full size image would make a great book cover at least. So it's not a total waste of an evening.

Additional - This, I think, is the best I'll get with a digital camera. Most of them come out overexposed so it's just a white disc. The trick is to use a fast shutter speed, which you can get if your camera has a 'sport' setting. A tripod is, of course, essential because you'll need to use maximum zoom. Mine has 12X optical zoom. Never use digital zoom. It's rubbish.

Maybe I can enhance the contrast. I'll try later.


Southern Writer said...

Very nice. I was out in the garden all day, and into the evening. Once when I looked up, just the bottom part of the moon was visible from behind a cloud. I always like it when I get a view that I don't see all the time.

I guess it was about three or four mornings ago as I was driving home from work just before dawn that the moon was setting, huge and orange. I never have my camera with me when I need it. And now I'm reminded that I should dust off the old telescope and make some use of it this summer.

Regina Richards said...

Chasing the moon...we used to do that when the kids were little. We'd pile them in the convertible and chase the moon. It always led us to Sonic for a slush and then out to the lake to sit on the docks with our feet in the water, stare at the moon and laugh and jke. Miss those days.

Southern Writer said...

I came to check for a new post, but now I remember that I wanted to tell you that you sound like a wonderful mother, Regina. What nice memories for your kids.

Regina Richards said...

Thanks, Southern Writer. I try and sometimes fail. I have a whole blog about those failures because they're numerous, but the kids seem to be turning out great so that's a comfort.

Romulus Crowe said...

RR - if the kids are turning out okay, you're doing it right.


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