Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teeth grinding time.

With the onset of dark evenings, the lab ghost is active again. I have been staying there very late and have been so frustrated that if the swine wasn't already dead I'd strangle him.

Tonight, another renter-of-labs (he works on solar power installations. In Scotland!) left at around 7 pm and said, on his way out, 'Watch out for the ghost'. He doesn't know why I'm there so late, so often. There are only so many 'crank' jibes you can stand to hear so it's best just to leave them in ignorance.

The ghost is well known among the occupants of the building. In winter it can be dark at 3 pm so it's not only the late-stayers who get to meet him. Long-term residents have called him 'Fred' but he doesn't interact so his real name isn't known.

The history - 'Fred' has scared many over the years but he's not doing anything scary. Lone workers late at night hear footsteps and voices. 'Fred' likes to slam doors that have been left open. He seems a bit obsessive about closing doors to unused rooms - as anyone who lived before central heating would be. Sometimes he's seen but never clearly enough for a description. He never pops out and goes 'boo', he rarely moves anything and never throws anything, he ducks out of sight if spotted and generally appears to be shy. He has shown no sign of being dangerous at all.

The lab block is built on the site of an old watermill that goes back centuries. There are no records of deaths in the lab block and so far, I can't find anything at all on the watermill. Part of the old building still exists but most is now modern. 'Fred's' range extends beyond the old watermill part so it's possible he was a farm worker in the fields surrounding the mill, or died in a house or farm building that was once here. I don't know yet.

Everyone in this place is aware of 'Fred'. Everyone. He is not restricted to psychics and mediums. He can get close to a full apparition. The swine will not speak to me and disappears as soon as he sees a camera. I know he can speak and I know he's not alone because there are conversations. Get the recorder out and they shut up.

There is no reason to be scared of 'Fred'. He has never done anything threatening. His range extends outside too, I've seen him out there, but he will not let me photograph him. He is not a 'recording' because he doesn't repeat actions, he is aware of the living, and he can interact. He just won't.

Catching him on film is going to be difficult. He's very good at avoiding cameras.

This is possibly the most challenging one yet.


heyjude said...

Tried talking to him and letting him know what it is you seek?

Regina Richards said...

Is the gender of the speakers discernable in the conversations that are heard?

Romulus Crowe said...

heyjude - he pays no attention. If he was totally uninterested he could simply vanish or stay out of my way, but he doesn't. I suspect that if he does ever communicate it will be entirely on his terms.

Regina - there are at least two. One is definitely male, the other could be female or very young. Nobody has ever been able to work out what they're saying but they don't seem to be trying to talk to the living. Only to each other.

Another long night tomorrow night. If I can just get him to stay still long enough for a photo.

Romulus Crowe said...

Forgot to add - whoever belongs to the other voice(s) have never been seen. Only the man nicknamed 'Fred'.

heyjude said...

Well good luck - I'm sending him vibes to cooperate with you!

Regina Richards said...

This is not really related to your post, but I thought you might find it interesting Romulus. Just hype to sell tickets or could there be a hint of truth?

Romulus Crowe said...

Heyjude - he's vibe proof. He didn't show up at all.

There is a large part of the oldest section of the building that I can't access out of hours. It's used by a company who have their own burglar alarm, so although I can get in through the connecting doors, I'd set off the alarm and won't know how to turn it off.

That's his most active area too. I'll try to persuade them to let me set up cameras overnight, but some businesses are wary of having their work filmed.

Those alarms are the reason I don't use the infrared motion sensors that TV programmes often have. If they could detect ghosts, burglar alarms would be going off all over the place.

Romulus Crowe said...

Regina - it could all be true, but when it's linked to an imminent film release, the suspicion of hype has to be high.

If the demon was exorcised, there should be no residual EVP activity in the boy's old room. Especially as that's not where the exorcism happened.

As for the furniture being under military guard, well, the CIA dabbled in various aspects of the paranormal some years ago with little success. It's not unlikely that some agent or other decided to store the furniture in case there was a potential weapon to be developed.

It'll never happen. The military like things ordered and they like things to do the same thing every time, and on command.

Nothing about the paranormal works like that.

Regina Richards said...

All excellent points.

Teeth Grinding said...

This was a great post.I enjoyed reading the information about teeth grinding.I used to suffer from it but it was just a temporary habit.

heyjude said...

Some vibes take a while to get that far so I'm still sending! :)

Romulus Crowe said...

Teeth grinding - I'm not going to delete you because it's rare to see idiocy so entertaining these days.

Romulus Crowe said...

Heyjude - you're half a planet away, so those vibes might take quite some time. I hope you pointed them in the right direction!

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