Friday, October 01, 2010

Better Not-green than Dead.

Americans will remember the McCarthyite 'Better Dead than Red' slogan of the past, unless your history has been eradicated or politically modified just like ours. I have taken liberties with it which is the opposite of what any politician likes. After all, if we all started looking after ourselves, those poor useless politicians would all have to find real jobs and they just aren't suited to that.

There have been interesting developments in recent days. Smokers are to be punished. Fat people are to be punished. Now, if you don't worship the Green God of the Church of Climatology, you are to be pureed.

This is not for the faint of heart. It comes from people who call other people 'violent'. Keep that in mind while you watch the casual murder of those who disagree with the Green God's acolytes.

Nasty, eh?

Inspired by this Green polemic, I think I'll burn down a forest, ignite a gas field and hard-wire all the street lamps to permanently 'on'. If I was ever asked to describe the absolute worst way to persuade people to any cause, this video would cover it.

This comes on the same day that we learn the British scientific establishment has taken the first step to admitting Global Warming was all a con trick.

Those Green Men had better press their red button quickly because the sensible people are building a green one.

I'll press it.

Updated Oct 3rd:

The video vanished within hours and the YouTube version was made private. However, the Internet is an unforgiving place and YouTube now has an evil twin where nothing is censored or hidden.

So the video is still available, and the first 'adapted' versions are already appearing - there's one here.

Making blunders on the Internet is never a good idea.


Regina Richards said...

Wow! I am stunned. As a horror film that one ranks high on my scare-me meter. Probably because, as any horror tale/movie must be in order to be truly frightening, it has a hint of the believable about it.

Southern Writer said...

Wish I had gotten here sooner. The video has been made private.

Romulus Crowe said...

Regina - they didn't seem to think that blowing up people just because they disagree with an ideology was going to remind everyone of certain similar incidents.

People are blown up in real life simply for disagreeing, yet this film was supposed to be 'funny'.

SW - YouTube's evil twin has a copy. I've put a link in an update.

Be warned - it's not pleasant.

Regina Richards said...

It was supposed to be funny? It was more like threatening, intimidating, frightening, and gross.

Romulus Crowe said...

It makes you wonder at the mind that finds these things amusing, doesn't it?

Those minds have the ear of Government. Now that really is scary.

Liana Brooks said...

Did the 10:10 promoters put this up? I could see detractors posting this, but I can't imagine how it could possibly promote 10:10.

*Note* I've never heard of 10:10 before this because I live in the backwoods where having regular running water and electricity is a daily miracle. The video doesn't make me want to support it in any way, even if lowering greenhouse gas emissions sounded like a good idea.... er... no comment at all on the whole climate change thing.

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