Monday, November 16, 2009

The real danger of global warming.

There is a great danger associated with global warming and it's this -

It's not happening. Instead, the Earth is now cooling. Oh, it was warming up to around ten years ago but now it's cooling again and with sunspot activity extraordinarily low, it can cool quite fast. The Global Warmers who insist we are causing warming by producing CO2 emissions that barely touch on those from volcanoes or marshlands are all demanding that we throw away all our heat sources because otherwise, global temperature might rise by a few degrees over a period of centuries.

You know how fast global cooling can happen? Go on, have a guess. If an ice age started today, how long before Scotland is under ice? Centuries? Decades? Years?


Global cooling cannot be blamed on the greenhouse effect nor can it be blamed on emissions. That's why you don't hear those words. Instead, it's 'climate change' and we are to take the blame and pay the taxes because somehow, moving little bits of paper around will cause the Earth to stop its natural cycles of warm and cold and settle into a steady temperature forever. Something it has never done and will never do. The climate changes. Sometimes it gets warmer and sometimes it gets cooler. We've been through a warming patch and now we're in a cooling patch. It might or might not tip into ice age, it could go back to warming again but that does not mean that any of it has anything to do with what we build or burn.

It also does not mean that we can stop it. No matter how much tax we pay to people who run half a dozen huge houses each and who fly the world in jets to tell us about 'carbon footprints' and the evils of patio heaters. Those who want us to discard all power sources and live in mud huts are the real danger.

Because if that ice age does come, it's not going to be a matter of 'in a few decades'. It'll be 'this time next year, you'll live in an igloo'.

Take a look at this article on the polar bear.

"There aren't just a few more bears. There are a hell of a lot more bears," said Mitch Taylor, a polar bear biologist who has spent 20 years studying the animals.

The words of a polar bear biologist with 20 years' experience. Or the word of Al Gore, a politician with a huge house and a vast vested interest in the whole 'climate change' industry. You choose.

The global warming argument?

"I don't think there is any question polar bears are in danger from global warming," said Andrew Derocher of the World Conservation Union, and a professor of biological sciences at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. "People who deny that have a clear interest in hunting bears."

Bear numbers are increasing so they're in danger from global warming and anyone who denies it is a bear-hunter. He ignores the detail that conservation efforts would be totally ineffective if the globe was warming because the bears hunt on ice and if there's a lot less ice, where are these increased bear numbers living?

This technique is well known in the UK, where anyone who so much as mentions immigration is a racist, anyone who objects to Sharia law is an islamophobe, anyone who objects to the State-driven ID cards or criminal records checks or collection of DNA for the database must be a criminal in hiding, and so on. They pick the most evil thing they can think of and link objectors to that in an effort to silence them. For 'climate change denier', go back to the days of the Inquisition and read 'heretic'. The techniques of such people never vary. I have a friend who has studied them and who refers to them as 'The Righteous'. I used to think of him as a crazed conspiracy theorist but now I'm starting to wonder. The techniques he describes are still in use.

Every summer we hear about arctic ice melting, and every (northern) winter we hear about antarctic ice melting, when it's summer down there. It grows back in winter but that's never mentioned. Just think about that for a while.

A favourite technique used by these people is 'for the children'. Every adult in the UK is a suspected paedophile and must be checked and catalogued 'for the children'. Smokers are banned from everywhere 'for the children'. Anyone buying alcohol in a supermarket might find they are refused if they happen to have a child with them - for the children. Lately, the State wants access to anyone's home at any time they choose so they can snoop around for things to report... for the children.

So please, don't give me that 'for the children' line in the comments. It is not for the children. It is for the tax revenue it can raise. If politicians really believed their lives were in danger from aeroplane travel they'd have banned it. They have not. They would be driving Toyota Prius cars. They are not. Travel is the same as before, it's just taxed more. Therefore it has nothing to do with saving lives, because politicians would be first in line for that. It has everything to do with squeezing more money out of you.

There is no logic to it. Look at this and despair. Trees are the best carbon dioxide absorbers available and our Green Men think it's a good idea to cut them all down, ship them around the world and burn them for a trivial return on energy production. Do you actually believe they give a stuff about carbon dioxide?

Our countryside is dotted with wind farms. Guess why the windmills don't blow down? Think in terms of massive concrete blocks, one under each windmill. The windmills are made of steel. The carbon footprint of a windmill is far higher than the equivalent in coal-fired energy production and yet they are 'green'.

There is no global warming. The globe is cooling. Man-made carbon emissions are nothing compared to volcanic and other natural emissions. None of it will stop the world cooling. If it tips into an ice age while we're all turning off our power supplies, the death toll will be unimaginable and it will be a matter of months before it's all over for us. Forget the children. There won't be any.

It is all a scam. I've seen a lot of scams and learned how to recognise them, but this one is orders of magnitude above any other.

This one is a planet-killer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I can turn the thermostat up a degree without guilt tonight.

Ah, yes. That's so much more comfy.

Astrology said...

I know this is one of your most passionate pet peeves, but I think you've done yourself a disservice by citing the article on polar bears. It doesn't support your argument.

This one does. Going green has become Big Business, so I'm not surprised to see politicians jumping on the bandwagon. My God, our governments are so corrupt.

All that said, I'm not against protecting the environment. The earth is a beautiful and wondrous place, and I just hate seeing some of the things we do to her. We need to stop thinking of her as renewable and start thinking of her as a living thing, which she is. My sister drives me nutso with some of her ideas, but one that came from her mouth that I really like was, "Mother Earth will kill us before she allows us to kill her."

The link to the Nanny State is much scarier to me. That intrusion into citizen's lives is horrendous! Horrendous, I say!

Romulus Crowe said...

There's been a development on the global warming sront that should have killed it stone dead.

It hasn't, which shows just how much money is tied up in this.

I put up some links in the latest post.

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