Monday, November 23, 2009

Dark things in the light.

A few days ago, a hacker apparently extracted a massive amount of data from the University of East Anglia's computers. That's where a lot of the global warming scientists work. I didn't say anything until I could decide whether to believe it, but it looks genuine. There is some hint that it was leaked, rather than hacked.

Some have taken the trouble to delve into this data and have found considerable evidence that the whole 'global warming' issue has been nothing but a scam. This is possibly the biggest scandal to hit science since Piltdown Man. Newspapers have ignored this. Bloggers have not (caution, some are not quite as temperate as me).

Now there are all sorts of vague threats of 'doom' appearing in the papers here and since it's currently summer in the Southern Hemisphere, look out for reports of melting Antarctic ice. Like last year. And the year before. Have you ever noticed how the ice-doom is in the Arctic when it's summer here and in the Antarctic when it's summer there?

The game is up for the warming scam but I doubt they'll let it go so easily. Too much money and too many careers built on it. Oh, and plenty of tax income dependent on it too.

Should you be thinking that I must have fallen for some hoax or other, that no government could be so crass and idiotic as to lie - not just mislead, actually lie - to its own people and to treat human life with contempt in the pursuit of their own aggrandisement, take a look at this. The global warming money machine game is no problem to people who could do that.

Next May, we will have an election in the UK and it is likely that the Tory party will replace the Labour party. It is unlikely anything else will change. For a couple of months, the fury in the country will subside but it won't stay away for long.

Next summer, the UK might not be a good choice for a holiday.


heyjude said...

global warming!!!!

ice age coming!!!

global warming!!!

ice age coming!!!!

hangy around long enough you see a pattern - cycle pertrtuated my the adrenalin junkies.

ver: samorb = same orb? same cycle?

heyjude said...

by not my

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing a personal ice age. I can't get warm. It's a lovely warm day outside, my thyroid is fine,, yet I can't get warm.

I'm told I may have a iron and/or vitamin deficiency, but I just got back from a month at a health spa where they fed me three supposedly perfectly balanced meals a day, reducing my body fat by a whopping 7 percent.

What are the chances I'm being hugged by a really cold ghost?

Romulus Crowe said...

Hi Jude

I recall the ice age warnings, then it went quiet, then it was global warming and now 'climate change' to soften us up for the next round of ice age warnings.

Both of which are our fault, and never mind the inconveninet truth (to borrow a phrase) that this sort of thing happend to far greater extents before humans ever walked the planet.

I still don't see why either of those things can be fixed by increasing taxes. I can see how they can be used as a convenient club to batter more taxes out of us.

Romulus Crowe said...

Anon- there are a lot of medical reasons for feeling cold all the time. It could be a ghost but I'd get a doctor to check all the alternatives first.

Astrology said...

Anon - a month at a spa? I'm jealous! Hope you'll be toasty soon.

Excellent post, Rom. I read all the links, and all the links in the links, so I'm pretty sure I got the full story. You're vindicated, my cynical friend. I have to admit, when I saw the story (the one and only time I saw anything about it, which is damning evidence in itself), my first thought was to wonder how good a hacker you are. So that's it--one little news article on this side of the pond, a flash, then gone.

I don't know if I mentioned this before, and I would love to hear from any of your readers in the States, but summer where I live (in the mid-south) was the coolest I can ever remember. That's excluding Colorado, of course, where it's always cool. In early June, it got hotter than blazes, and I was a little worried, wondering what August would be like. Then it cooled off, and rained all summer. I didn't even have to water my gardens this year!

Interesting bit about the mismanagement of the war, too. Sending soldiers to the front with only five bullets??? WTF??? And Obama has just fully committed us to the war in Afghanistan, after campaigning that he'd get us out. I am SO disappointed in his term so far. Looks like you were right about that, too.

ver: drism

Uh oh. It's an "ism" word. Can't be good.

Romulus Crowe said...

Hi Astrology.

Sorry to take so long to reply. I'd forgotten about a deadline (whoops!).

Colorado is cool, you say? Sounds good to me. What's it like there? Would I need to learn the banjo or is it not one of 'those' states?

Actually, I have a banjo. Still trying to get the hang of it. So maybe the wilds of Alabama? I doubt any government directive makes any difference there.

Here, the lunacy is out of control.

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