Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paranormal calendar.

The Paranormal Database has released their 2009 Paranormal Calendar for those who wish to watch out for specific events in the UK. It's a 3 Mb download in PDF format.

Not sure about the format this time, the background makes it hard (for me) to read. I find the online version much easier to see. There's also a section on weather dependent phenomena - although these are always difficult to chase. Things reputed to happen immediately after a storm are okay, if you're always ready and as long as you don't fall asleep before the storm ends, but quite how you chase something that happens just before a storm is more difficult to determine. That must be down to pure luck, since weather forecasting seems to be even less reliable than some of the reported manifestations.

If you're in the UK, or interested in paranormal phenomena in the UK, the site is invaluable. Most of the reports come from England, but that's more to do with the numbers of people reporting than the spread of phenomena. As the database grows, I expect it will even out across the country.

I hope it grows big enough to spread beyond the confines of the UK but that's asking for a lot of work from the site owners. So, does anyone know of sites cataloguing similar events for other countries?

If I can remember how, I could put the links in the sidebar.


Southern Writer said...

Is there a day reserved for sleep on that calendar? I must. NOW.

Southern Writer said...

I got up to watch the inauguration, so I'm between naps. The Paranormal Calendar is very cool. I wish there was a U.S. equivalent, but I don't know of one.

I have no idea where these places are, or even what some of them may be, but I'm going to vote for those which interest me and hope they are close enough for you to reach should you find yourself lacking for other entertainment on those particular nights. I didn't read them all, but opened the months where a preview caught my eye. I'll probably go through it more thoroughly later.

Being male, you are more interested in battles and vehicles. As you would suspect, I've chosen some with a more romantic tale. June was the first month I indulged in:

Children (I now don't recall what they're doing since they were so early in my search, possibly crying?)

Old lady

King Arthur-- Who wouldn't want to see that??? I thought Arthur was fictional.

Those that will die (it's those WHO will die, btw, but it's still interesting)

White dog

Anne Blakemore

Then I went to the weather related ones:

Thirsty stones. I found this one interesting because it's said they only do their thing when there are no human witnesses, which begs the question, then how do we know?

Moving shadows in Elgin (Moray) York Tower

Naked Lady Hamilton -- capturing a picture of her would be fairly undeniable evidence

Crying child killed by the maid


There were a few others between York Tower and Rebecca, but my list was getting long.

I have one final question. What is a shuck?

Romulus Crowe said...

I didn't watch the inauguration. Perhaps I'll have to do penance by buying the action figure. Or perhaps not. This new boss of yours is more popular than Batman. Gordon Brown would never dare release an action figure. Sales of throwing knives and voodoo pins would rocket!

Not many of the sites are close to me, for January at least, but I'll try to arrange a few outings. The UK isn't that big, but accomodation can be costly in some places and they regard you as odd if you want to sleep all day and then go out at night!

A shuck, usually 'black shuck', is a big ghostly dog. It doesn't usually attack people but seeing one is generally considered a bad omen. It's not officially related to current sightings of big black cats in the UK countryside but you never know, it might be a modern version of the same thing.

Ghost dogs are common, but ghost cats, or ghosts of other pets, don't seem to feature. I wonder if it's because dogs tend to be more closely associated with their owners than other pets? I certainly wouldn't expect a pet lizard to come back, they barely tolerate their owners as it is.

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