Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The ghost bus.

I'd heard of ghost ships, ghost carriages and cars, ghost trains and even ghost planes. I have never before come across a ghost bus. On reflection, that is a little odd. It's the only mode of transport that doesn't seem to feature in those stories. Well, I've never heard of a ghost Segway but those are new.

So when a search turned up 'ghost bus' I was intrigued. Unfortunately it has more to do with deception than with anything supernatural.

The ghost bus runs once a week and nobody ever gets on. No station on its route knows about it, no timetable shows its name. In fact, it's more shocking than a supernatural bus. It's a complex and bizarre cover-up. As long as the ghost bus runs, the government don't need to admit they've closed the railway service it replaces. They don't even need to let prospective passengers know it exists.

In the UK, we are all well aware that our government is based on lies. We prefer not to have it proved to us every day, so we can pretend there is some honesty hidden in there somewhere.

All the same, I'm now intrigued by the idea of a ghost bus. Has anyone ever heard of one?


Southern Writer said...
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Southern Writer said...

*head shaking* Your government is as bad as ours.

Aside from that, I do know of a ghost bus. It's in a cute little comedy called Heart and Souls.. I don't know if it's your spot of tea, but I love it.

Romulus Crowe said...

Looks like an interesting story. I'll see if it's on UK-playable DVD.

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