Monday, April 07, 2008

The Kintore connection.

I realise I haven't mentioned why I'm so interested in this particular area.

The town now called Kintore stands on an area that's been continuously settled since prehistoric times. Some of the locals look like direct descendants in defiance of evolution, but that's another story. The Romans visited, and there's still a pizza shop here so some cultural remnant hangs on.
There are a few links to historical sites, but this one has no pop-up ads so it's safe.

If you've seen the American Declaration of Independence, there's a 'James Wilson' among the signatures, I believe. See the bottom paragraph of that page. Little Kintore has had a disproportionate effect on world affairs.

I can't find any web pictures of the ruined cottage--not really surprising since there are much more interesting things to photograph around here--but it's looking increasingly as though the cottage was ruined, not built, in the 18th century. Possibly during the Jacobite battles in the region. It's much older than I thought, in fact the way it's built is very like the structure of nearby Hallforest castle, built in the 13th/14th century.

I'll get a better picture of the cottage when the weather eases.

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