Thursday, April 10, 2008

Breakfast in the ruins.

But not yet.

These wrecked walls were once a one-roomed cottage, of the type popular in the 13th-15th centuries (and among the poor, for quite some time after that). I haven't fixed a date for this one but its construction is similar to Bridgealehouse which stands nearby, and to Hallforest Castle, a few miles away. Bridgealehouse was used as a courtroom from 1690, so it's likely to be older than that. It might have been standing - and occupied - during the Jacobite rebellion. It might have been flattened at that time!
I think clicking on the pictures brings up a bigger image. Sometimes that works.

At some point, a curved end section was added, possibly a kitchen. Some windows and a door have been filled in with the same kind of stone. There's not much here and wandering around in the dark will be difficult. In the cold damp weather we have at the moment, it would be a miserable experience indeed.

Potential problems include a nearby railway line, a main road (both sources of vibration) and a large rabbit population - a constant source of rustling grass. There are few houses nearby, but there are enough that any recorded voices will have to be carefully scrutinised. Radios, CD players, and people calling for children and dogs might end up on tape.

There is, at least, very little electromagnetic interference here. Street lights are some distance away and the house has never had power lines connected.

All I need now is the right night. Preferably soon, since in the summer months it never really gets dark here.

Then I'll have breakfast in the ruins. Roast rabbit, if they annoy me.


Southern Writer said...

I have to get to work, but hope to stop by again in the a.m.

Romulus Crowe said...

You work nights?

So do I! I suppose you spend more time in places with roofs though.

Southern Writer said...

Actually, you'd be surprised. I work outside, too, in the winter, during thunderstorms, during heat waves. I'm like a cross between what the U.S. post office used to be ("through wind and hail and dark of night" or some such b.s.) and the Energizer Bunny that just keeps going and going and going. I forgot to tell you that I learned recently that my place of employment (very high security) has 50,000 bright yellow body bags in storage. Now that's scary.

Romulus Crowe said...

At least I have the option not to go out in foul weather. rain isn't too bad, but rain and cold together can be very unpleasant. The post office claim is a sham anyway because they do it in a van.

Yellow body bags? Whenever I see one on a TV show, it's black. I didn't realise they came with fashion options.

Body bags in storage are nothing to be scared of. When they start running low, that's the time to get scared!

Southern Writer said...

They're bright yellow to be seen easily from a distance (like from the air), of course. In case of contagion, and the like, I suppose.

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