Sunday, November 25, 2007

He's Behind You!

Ah, that staple of the Christmas panto. Soon you won’t be able to shout that out in case it’s derogatory to gays or something.

Not as far-fetched as it seems. The Politically Correct (another name for ‘intellectually crippled’) are having a go at pantomime now. Many can’t be done any more – Robinson Crusoe can’t have ‘natives’. Aladdin can’t have an Arab bad guy, which is odd since all the characters in Aladdin are Arabic.

The use of dwarves in Snow White causes furious reactions from those who spend their days looking for something to be offended about. My only consolation is that, with their constant state of agitation, they increase their chances of premature death. The sooner the better.

Really, the whole point of pantomime has been diluted to the extent it’s just not worth bothering any more. It’s time to replace it with a new entertainment.

I suggest ‘Pin the Burning Torch to the PC Oaf’ as a new Christmas game. You don’t have to be blindfolded, and the PC oaf is tied to a tank of petrol.

Well, if they take away our entertainments, they have to expect us to come up with new ones. They can’t claim this is racist or derogatory to any minorities. PC oafs are definitely not a minority.

This game might help them become one.

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