Monday, October 29, 2007

Can you snort a ghost?

In today's news, it turns out Liam Gallagher of the popular band Oasis believes he is haunted.

Okay, first of all, believing you're haunted isn't the same as being haunted. There are plenty of alternative explanations for bizarre events, and all of those have to be ruled out before a haunting can be considered. I'm not saying he's not haunted. I'm saying he thinks he is, and the press have jumped on the story.

Well, that's what the press does, so I suppose I can't blame them for it. Any musician making any out-of-the-ordinary claim is going to be big news. The press have never been troubled by the twin demons of truth and accuracy. Only sales figures count.

Anyway, Liam claims to have met the ghost of John Lennon.

Raised eyebrows all round. Seeing and speaking to famous dead people is akin to thinking you're Napoleon, usually. The rubber room awaits.

On the other hand, Liam Gallagher is a guitarist in a famous band from Liverpool. They're doing exceptionally well. John Lennon was also in a band from Liverpool, called the 'Beatles', I believe. I think they did quite well too. So there is a connection. So it's not impossible. If John Lennon is still here, he might well be floating around his home town. He might decide to check out the local bands.

However, there's another aspect of this case that means I wouldn't be too interested in investigating. It's connected to Liam's stories of what sound like paranoid episodes, where he lies awake convinced that someone's watching him.

Mr. Gallagher, if past news is anything to go by, has been known to partake of some of the more esoteric pharmaceuticals available to those in his profession. Paranoid episodes, panic attacks and hallucinations figure highly among the long-term after-effects of some of these non-prescription chemical brain-removers.

I think this particular paranormal report (while I'm still not saying it isn't real. You never know) is very likely to have an explanation that lies within the bounds of an entirely different scientific discipline.



ThatGreenyFlower said...

He probably is just might not be with a ghost.

Southern Writer said...

Hi, Rom! Just stopping by for a quick drink with you. What are we having? *noses around in your liquor cabinet* Speaking of brain erasers! Absinthe! Oooh. Oooh. Oooh. May I? I've always wanted to try it.

Romulus Crowe said...

Greeny - it still amazes me how people with so much success in life feel so hard done by. Why do they earn all that money and then try to kill themselves with it? If they really despise their wealth so much, I'd be glad to take it off their hands.

SW - try the absinthe by all means, but don't drive home afterwards! Remember to add water. It takes the skin off your throat in its pure form.

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