Monday, September 17, 2007

Idiot of the week.

It's been some time since I awarded an 'Idiot of the Week' badge, but the organising committee of the Olympics for London get one each this week.

Who's heard of the 'Red Arrows', the British Air Force display team? They don't shoot anything, their planes don't have guns. They fly about performing breathtaking aerobatics and trailing coloured smoke.

Well, they are far too British and military to be allowed to perform at the opening of the Olympics.

It seems they might offend foreigners. This utter terror of Johnny Foreigner is the most un-British thing I have heard, and it just gets worse day by day. Who the hell is running this country? Why don't we get some vertebrates on these committees, just for once?

The Red Arrows have run their displays worldwide. Nobody was offended - and here's some news for the spines in brine that used to belong to our leaders - foreign countries tend to be rather heavily populated with foreigners. That's where they're all coming from.

Now, how can anyone think these same people will be outraged and offended by a display by British pilots in Britain, when they have invited those same British pilots to perform their displays in their own countries? I have to ask, does anyone believe these yellow-striped cowards who have mysteriously slimed their ways into positions of influence are capable of any form of rational thought at all? Did evolution skip a few here? Who voted for these nematodes, these leeches, these tapeworms?

Nobody voted for them. They were 'appointed' by our drooling politicians who are saps for a bit of sweet talk (especially if it's served with a side-order of money). The snivelling politically-correct cretins who are hell-bent on turning this country into the most boring place this side of Pluto are good at worming their way into the shallow pride of any politician.

Weak. Feeble. Pathetic. There are no words strong enough to describe these mutated slugs, nor the mindless politicians who pander to them.

Nobody from any other country has made any sort of complaint, or any mention at all, that their athletes and supporters might be made the tiniest bit uneasy by the Red Arrows flying around and leaving coloured smoke in the air. Not one. Not even a hint.

The idea comes from one place and one place only. The hive-mind of political correctness. From those who have no thoughts but the thoughts dictated to them by drivelling sycophants. Terrified that anyone from another country might be momentarily nonplussed, they are blind to the rage they engender in the British. And no, before some anonymous coward accuses me of being a BNP apologist, I don't mean white, middle class male British. I mean all British, of every race, colour and creed. Go to a Red Arrows display. It's not a 'white' thing. It's not even a British exclusive. You'll find everyone there, especially tourists. Newsflash: Tourists come from other countries. They're foreign. Didn't know that, did you, Mister PC? Too busy laying eggs for the next batch of slimy life-sappers.

Here's an open question to anyone who's ever heard of the Red Arrows, from any country, anywhere in the world.

Are you offended by an aerobatic display team? If so, why?

If your IP address shows you're in the UK, you don't count. I don't want any PC oafs leaving slimy trails around here. If you post insults as 'anonymous', you're a spineless weed whose opinions are worth as much as your ability to take responsibility for them.

If you genuinely are offended, tell me, and tell me why. I won't attack you for a genuine concern. I really want to know.


Scary Monster said...

Me must say, dear Romulus, that you seem just the wee bit perturbed by this scenario. Ignoring the political nature of this post, Me do believe that the red arrows, blue angels or any other acrobatic air team; whether they fly jet fighters or old WWI bi planes, are the a tribute to the marriage of man and machinery. No where and in no other form is man and technology wedded for the purpose of amazement. The only gripe that I might have is that me never pursued me childhood dreams and become a pilot of such caliber as to be invited to become a member of such a team.

Post Stomp: Whenever Me reads yer posts me makes certain that me dictionary be close at hand. Nematodes, damn good one there. LOL!

heyjude said...

idiots and technology aside for the moment.
Rom, here's a fun little personality test. Of course you don't HAVE to do it and report back but ... well it IS fun.

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Romulus Crowe said...

Scary - if it had happened five years ago, I would have laughed at the silliness. Unfortunately this sort of thing has been going on for so long it's no longer funny.

Town councils have banned Christmas, Easter, even Santa in case some minority is offended. No minority has complained, it's just PC control freaks who, I suspect, were horrified to find they had been born British and feel the need to apologise for it at every opportunity.

Political correctness is out of control, and the resentment among the people here is growing to the point where I would not be surprised to hear of a mass uprising against the Government (not that that's ever been shown to result in any improvement, historically).

Needless to say, I keep out of heavily populated areas.

Jude- I'll have a look at that test but I'll only post the results if I agree with them.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Greeny here. I couldn't resist posting as "anonymous" just to be inflammatory. (Also because I've never been called "a spineless weed whose opinions are worth as much as your ability to take responsibility for them" and I figured it was about time.)

Happy day -ThatGreenyFlower (AKA ThatSpinelessWeed)

Romulus Crowe said...

ThatGreenyFlower - that's very naughty and deliberately provocative. I approve entirely :)

heyjude said...

you said: "Jude- I'll have a look at that test but I'll only post the results if I agree with them."

I gather you disagreed - ?

Romulus Crowe said...

No, I didn't disagree with all of them. I have to work out how to post them without giving away the answers to anyone else who wants to try it.

I'm working on it.

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