Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cry 'Humbug' and let loose the dogs of Christmas.

I don't consider myself Christian, neither am I atheist. I'm firmly in the 'don't care' camp. So Christmas decorations mean nothing to me.

However, I would never dream of complaining about the nativity scenes, trails of lights, dancing Santas and other pointless baubles that everyone seems so keen on at this time of year. I admit I'm partial to Christmas pudding with brandy butter, lemon sauce and cream, so the season isn't all bad news.

However, three-quarters of British firms are banning Christmas decorations in case they get sued.

By who? A raging Santa, a miffed Rudolph, a band of non-union elves?

No, they are terrified of offending non-Christians. These same non-Christians who have never voiced the slightest complaint about Christmas decorations in the past, and who don't care now. They are also scared in case someone falls off a chair while putting up the Terrible Tinsel and sues them for damages. That's easily avoided. Don't employ morons.

Funny, these businesses don't seem in the least bit concerned that they might offend Christians.

The UK has become a very silly place indeed. I have never heard a Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Sikh or anyone else react with anything other than bemusement to claims that they might be offended by Christmas. Once more, it's all in the imagination of the scared-of-shadows politically correct lunatics. Once more, it will result in Christians blaming non-Christians for denying them their festival.

Wrong target, people. Look to the Left.

The whole thing is pitiful. Really.

What makes it all the more ludicrous is that these decorations have nothing at all to do with Christianity. Fir trees, in Palestine? I think not. Fairies and elves, Christian emblems? Nope.

The tinsel harks back to a Druidic festival of the winter solstice. An animal was sacrificed and its intestines draped over the bare tree branches to ensure their gods would make the trees bloom again in spring. Think of that when you're draping those sparkly guts over those branches.

I'll leave you to work out what the other baubles represent.

One thing the Druids would never have done, and which is in no version of the Bible I've ever seen, is to cut down a tree and watch it die in the living-room.

The season of goodwill to all. Unless you're a Christian in the UK.

Or a Norway spruce.


Southern Writer said...

What a sad situation. I am tempted to put up a fuss for Hanukkah and Ramadan. I hope all the PC people will be happy when the Christians snarl throughout the month. It should be something akin to a million women with extended PMS. Next year, they'll be begging for for the decorations to go up.

Southern Writer said...

I forgot to tell you. I was in the kitchen about 2 a.m. this morning when a dark shadow crept up behind me. I cringed and glanced over my shoulder, but there was nothing there - for a split second - then it was there again and closing in, and the window darkened at the same time. The damn cat was up on the counter and passed in front of the light on the stove (I can hear you laughing, yanno).

heyjude said...

This all came up in the States years ago. Now many places avoid any 'religious' decorations but Santa, trees and snowmen remain. (or maybe those have gone in my long absence too)
Here alas we have no public decorations this year due to rising Utilities cost. boohoo!!!

Romulus Crowe said...

Well, cutting out the lights because of power costs sounds reasonable to me. Stopping because of a fear of offending someone is pathetic. We seem to be turning into a nation of rampant apologisers. Lately, our Prime Minister, Tiny Blur, apologised for slavery. We stopped that 200 years ago! That's way before living memory. In some other countries, it's happening now, yet our Government is apologising for something that nobody in this country is responsible for.

It'll take a steam-powered device to deliver all the slaps currently required in the UK.

SW - if you kick up any fuss against any minority in the UK, you'll be arrested. They've even arrested children for playground fights. It's not the minority's fault, it's all down to the PC crowd. Trouble is, the minority then gets the backlash.

LOL on the cat. I've noticed that if you walk into a room where there's a dog, you know all about it straight away. Cats, on the other hand, have the ability to turn invisible and reappear where they like. And they have a cruel sense of humour.

I still think bearded dragons are the best pets. They have a permanent contemptuous expression, especially when you try to feed them on leaves.

Southern Writer said...

I believe it was yesterday I read something that reminded me of you. The airport in Seattle took down all their Christmas trees because some Rabbi threatened a lawsuit. He wanted them to put up a giant menorah (sorry if I've misspelled that but I'm not Jewish and I'm too lazy at the moment to look it up). Anyway, the airport officials talked it over and decided if they put up the menorah, that when someone else came along and wanted some other religious symbol to be put up, they'd have to do that, too, and they didn't feel they had time before Christmas to do all of it, so they took down the trees. Now the Rabbi is ticked off because he didn't get his menorah. His attorney said they had darkened the holidays for everyone. DUH.

Romulus Crowe said...

Why won't this wretched blog thing remember me? I have to log in every time.

Anyway, it sounds like the 'don't offend-anyone' crowd are in control over there, too. Seems the world is filling with two extremes: don't offend anyone, and deliberately offend everyone. You've just met one of the latter ;)

I'd have to ask the rabbi why he thinks Christmas has anything at all to do with his religion, and I'd have to ask the airport officials why they didn't just tell the rabbi to get stuffed.

Several UK cities have Hindu and Muslim festivals, and I don't hear of Christians demanding the inclusion of crosses, nor Jews demanding menorahs at those. The festivals belong to those religions, and nobody objects to that.

I think some people are deliberately setting out to start religious strife. Has this rabbi considered what his actions have caused in the minds of local Christian groups? It won't be good!

Victor Allen Winters said...

A pox on all morons who are offended by religious or holiday symbols.

Romulus Crowe said...

Unfortunately, there's a sizeable group who are offended by just about anything. They are not confined to any race or religion, they are from every walk of life.
It is my aim to offend them all, personally, in alphabetical order if possible.

I see the airport has its trees back (thanks SW for the link), although next year's display might be worth seeing. I wonder if it'll be worth visiting that airport next year and kicking up a fuss over the absence of Celtic, Pictish or Druidic symbolism? They're bound to miss something.

Southern Writer said...

I love your style. Offend everyone! I need to get you to come over to my place and offend a few people. With any luck, they won't come back.

Victor Allen Winters said...

It is my aim to offend them all, personally, in alphabetical order if possible.

This is possibly the funniest thing I've heard today.

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