Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meddling with things I don't really understand.

I have been meddling with Blogger, as you see. I'm not sure about this template, it's a bit bright but I'll meddle some more and see if I can tone it down without crashing the whole thing.

The new interface will take some getting used to. I also have a new toy, a comment enhancement thing from some people with surreal hair, no shoes and a tree in their office. It's free but really, they should charge enough to be able to afford some shoes.

It apparently works by finding famous people's names and... doing something. So if I mention Tony Blair or Sarah Palin, for example, it should pick up on any comments referring to them. I thought I'd give it a try.

I've been meddling in computer matters a lot recently. I worked out how to put books on Kindle so I have two short story collections there now, Fears of the Old and the New, and Dark Thoughts and Demons. Both are also on for those who prefer print. When I have finished rewriting 'Ghosthunting for the Sensible Investigator' I'll put that in there too. Perhaps I shouldn't have so many projects running at once, and should concentrate on finishing them one at a time.

The weather has been desperately bad for the last few years here. Rain, wind and cold. In fact, one of the best days we had was when the rest of the country had a hurricane.This means I'm not going out investigating very much at all. I'm supposed to be looking for ghosts, not becoming one.

With all this time on my hands and all these research materials sitting around with nothing to do, I've taken to writing a lot more lately and finally took that side of things seriously when Jessica's Trap was accepted by a publisher. It was one of those 'Really? I can do this?' moments.

If I can do it, I plan to do it to the best of my ability. As with all things. How good that ability actually is remains to be seen but it will be the best I can do.

Otherwise there'd be no point doing it at all.


Regina Richards said...

I have every confidence in your ability and your drive. And I applaud your sensible cautions to ensure while you're investigating ghosts, you don't become one. :)

Romulus Crowe said...

It would be the ultimate frustration - to be the proof I was looking for, but no longer able to convince anyone!

southernwriter said...

Will the Sensible Investigator be available in print? I like books with paper pages.

Romulus Crowe said...

There'll always be a print version. I like to have a proper copy too. Besides, if someone wanted to take it along on an investigation, well, battery power can be unreliable in those situations.

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