Thursday, December 02, 2010

Something for the Greens.

Two feet of snow and still falling. The earliest snowfall in twenty years, the deepest snow since 1965, the country is once again almost entirely white when seen from space and it looks like this weather is staying for a long while yet. There are icicles hanging off everything and the temperature is not getting above freezing during the day. Tonight it's due to hit -20C (-4F).

Still, we hear about all this global warming. We hear about the less than one degree of increased temperature in the Arctic over the last decade and we keep hearing that Arctic ice is melting.

Well, followers of the Green God of Climatology, here's what they are not telling you.

It has nothing to do with the climate. Nothing to do with 4x4 cars or people flying around in planes or anything else we do. You have been duped and you have demonstrated and demanded tax increases because you were told to.

Now, the cost of heating is to go up again. Last year over 20,000 pensioners died in the winter in the UK because they could not afford heating. So, Greens, are you trying to top that this year?

You'll be pensioners one day. You might regret your zeal in disposing of the elderly by then.


Regina Richards said...

20,000 died for lack of heat? That should be a national emergency!

Romulus Crowe said...

It should be, but the 'national emergency' is all used up on the imaginary warming.

The actual figure for last year was 28,160.

This month, fuel costs rise again and currently there are houses here that look as if they are caged in ice. Guttering is being ripped off by the weight of ice and the roads are turning into glaciers. The figure for this winter is certain to beat last year's and it will only start to decline when we run out of pensioners.

But that's the attitude in the country now. Old people are just in the way.

It took less than a generation for 'respect your elders' to be completely forgotten.

Regina Richards said...

Every person with a cell phone in their pocket and not one bothered to stop and help or even make a call. That is too sad.

Southern Writer said...

That death rate is appalling.

On a lighter note: I love the way the currents carry away only the heated water and leave the cold water there. Right. And Santa is coming to my house on Christmas Eve. How can they think people are that stupid? Oh, wait. That's right ...

Romulus Crowe said...

The snow is now coming down so fast I can barely see the house across the street. I hear the US is having similarly foul weather, Germany was brought to a standstill too. Owls are dying because they can't find food, the postal system has collapsed and the oversized but empty head of our prime Minister chose today to announce that he's going all out for 'green' energy. It'll cost us all more but it'll save us from global warming.

Forget polar bears - I think this is the iconic image of the global warming movement.

Southern Writer said...

Oooh. Pretty.

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