Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The world behind the shed.

In the absence of investigations, garden repairs continue. This year's solstice was a grey washout but today there was a big yellow thing in the sky for a while. I seem to recall seeing it before...

The most terrifying part of the garden is Behind the Shed. There is room to get in there and paint both shed and fence - but not without getting covered in paint - and that space is deadly. It's where all the junk goes, all those things that might be useful but never are. They can't be seen from anywhere in the garden so there is no barrier to their buildup over time.

Therefore, Behind the Shed has been neglected for years because to paint and repair in there means clearing out the junk first.

This year, with nothing better to do, I have removed all the junk, patched and painted the shed and fence and it all looked great until I put the junk back. Well, not the stuff that had actually rotted, but the stuff that might be useful one day.

Realistically, I won't even look behind there again for at least two years.

The clouds are breaking here and hopefully it will be safe to risk staying out overnight very soon. I have done something that will guarantee it won't rain for a while. I've installed a rainwater barrel.

Investigations soon. I hope.


Southern Writer said...

I want a rain barrel!

And not to be nosy, but I like junk piles. Whatcha got in there? Is that like asking someone what they have in their purse or attache case? If so, sorry.

Romulus Crowe said...

There's an old window frame, some intact glass, loads of wood that 'might come in handy' and even a garden roller I haven't used for years.

Well, that's what's there now. After the clearout. For the moment, the stuff is all neatly arranged but sooner or later I'll start digging for something and the shambles will begin again.

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