Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My new decking is covered in snow. All preparation for the greenhouse has stopped.

Mood: murderous.


Regina Richards said...

An interesting tidbit in the climate change discussion (about which I have no opinion). In the U.S. we normally experience 300-600tornados between New Year's Day and April 15. But there have been less than 100 this year.

heyjude said...

And they are saying volcanic erruptions may result in global cooling - so much for 'global warming, eh?
Maybe some of the 'global' shifts have more to do with global shifting than with mankind - though I agree we tend populate and to polute our environment more than our 'fair share' in comparison with other species.
We tend to think we conquer our 'natural enemies' but aren't volcanos, earthquakes, huge storms, tsunamis, etc just nature balancing the ledger?

And Rom, be patient the greenhouse will get done.

Southern Writer said...

All the earthquakes lately make me nervous. Sorry about the snow. That does suck.

Romulus Crowe said...

We're back to chill winds but no snow. Not so bad. Greenhouse preparations are back on track!

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