Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The long, wet grass of home.

When the rain stops, this is a nice place to be. It doesn't stop often so when it did the other night, as I was heading home, I pulled over to take a photo. During the short dry spells, the constant buzz of lawnmowers can drive you to distraction as everyone scrambles to get their lawns cut before the rain comes back. I get around it by having less lawn, more slabs and gravel.

Yes, that's night. About 10 pm, as I recall.

I live somewhere in the distance ahead, just before the mountains of Mordor. No, I don't take the dirt track with puddles. I take the proper road on the right.

I'm not quite antisocial enough to put up with anything that far from civilisation!


Southern Writer said...

Beautiful! I could live there, rain and all.

Romulus Crowe said...

(Sorry about the delay. Internet conked out again)

It's nice here when the sun shines. Pity it doesn't happen often.

The long light nights are great in summer - on those rare occasions we get to actually enjoy them!

On the bright side, there's rarely any need to water the garden either, and plenty of excuses not to cut the grass.

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