Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The flying ghost.

I still say the tacky tabloid newspapers are the place to look for ghost stories that the seious papers won't touch, but this one is just too silly.

Yves Rossy has flown over the English channel on a jet wing - no mean feat and not without considerable personal risk. An historic act indeed.

Some idiot took a photo and was shocked to find a UFO following the flying man. The UFO is the same size and shape as M. Rossy and is clearly an internal reflection in the lens.

Genuine paranormal events are hard enough to spot as it is, without junk like this getting in the way.

Worse, Nick Pope, who claims to be an expert, seems to have been completely fooled. That doesn't help at all.

Sometimes I wish I'd been a train driver.


tom sheepandgoats said...

I’ve never read anything from you about movies, so I am not sure how dutifully you keep up. The Men in Black heroes kept tabs on the considerable alien & UFO population here and kept abreast of new developments exactly as you propose…..they scanned the tabloids.

Romulus said...

I've seen Men in Blakc - and it's not too far from the truth in that aspect.

Papers like the Times don't carry reports of any parnaormal event. Those are in the tabloids and are at least 90% debunkable just by looking at the photo.

Still, that's where the reports are, and once in a while they have something that's not so easily brushed aside.

The trouble is, they report every bit of junk as if it's the greatest discovery since the wheel.

They don't have the most discerning of audiences overall, and it shows. Fortunately they are available online for free - so there's no need to actually read the whole thing!

Romulus said...

(that's men in 'black'). This thing won't let me edit typos!

Southern Writer said...

Somebody was grasping for straws, heh?

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