Monday, July 14, 2008

Another newspaper ghost.

See what you think of this one .

It could be a ghost, but the background of trees means it could also be an artifact of light and shadow.

If I had taken that one, I’d be pleased with myself, but I don’t think I’d have gone to the newspapers with it. It’s not perfect, it’s open to interpretation.

Still, it’s pretty good.


Southern Writer said...

Interesting. I can't quite make out his face, but the rest looks pretty good. The left hand seems rather large and gnarly.

Romulus Crowe said...

The link seems broken at the moment. I think they're messing about with the site.

It did seem to be someone in the traditional roundhead armour though, with the big plates over each thigh.

My one concern was the background - it could also have been a coincidental shape formed from the sadows between trees.

If I were them, I'd be going back again.

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