Sunday, May 25, 2008


If you type ‘UFO Ghost’ into any search engine you’ll get a whole slew of results. Many, many sites cover both ghosts and UFO’s, along with cryptozoology and telepathy and telekinesis and… well, anything you can think of.

I think that’s a mistake.

The thing is, all these subject areas are different. They are lumped together under ‘paranormal’ because science likes to use the name as a dumping ground for stuff it doesn’t believe is worthwhile studying. Some of us scientists like to rummage around in that dump for discarded gems, but most scientists stay away. I know of several who’d deny that the paranormal existed at all, even in theory.

Hey, you can’t blame them. The scientific establishment is very, very conservative and doesn’t take too kindly to its rising stars associating with kooks like me. If you have plans on climbing the hierarchy, a CV that includes even one paranormal study is going to slow you down. If you want to study the paranormal, don’t set your sights on chancellorships for your old age. That’s just the way it is.

Many will reinforce their mainstream attitude by public ridicule of all those paranormal subjects. Few bother to come up with any kind of logical, evidence based argument. The statement ‘It’s all a load of bunk’ is all they need to get cheers from the gallery. The most common is ‘Well, I’ve never seen a real paranormal event so it can’t be true’.

Well, I’ve never seen a planet around another star, nor have I seen subatomic particles, a coelacanth, a Tamarind monkey, or Buckminster-Fullerene. I don’t deny those things exist because other scientists have provided evidence that they do. I don’t wave away their evidence with ‘Bah. It’s all hokum’. I don’t say ‘Well I haven’t seen it so it can’t be true’.

Let’s take subatomic particles. You can’t show me one. You can’t produce one. You can’t put one on display. All you can show are lines on photographic film. Lines produced by particle collisions that you say demonstrate the existence of quarks and other atomic debris. What do I see? I see what appears to be a doctor’s prescription form. A lot of squiggly lines. Yet I don’t deny the existence of those particles. I’m not a physicist. I haven’t studied the subject. When it comes to quarks, I put my faith in those who have studied physics. I do not dismiss someone else’s chosen subject of study as ‘chasing squiggles’.

So I don’t dismiss UFO’s but I don’t study them either. They represent an entirely different phenomenon which requires an entirely different approach to study. The mass of information available means that taking on such a subject would be a daunting task. UFO’s, and all those other subjects, I file under SEP*

Just as in the study of ghosts, UFO’s have spawned a heck of a lot of out-and-out frauds, along with many cases of mistaken identity. That’s where the resemblance between the subjects ends. UFO’s, if they are real, are metallic flying craft. From this world or another, or both, who knows? They are not spirits in any way, they are not ghosts, and the techniques I use will neither find them nor prove their existence.

Telepathy and telekinesis are human interactions with other humans and/or the environment. No ghosts, and no spaceships. A different field of study. Astrology looks at planetary movements and relates them to human life. A different field again. Cryptozoology looks for real, as-yet undiscovered animals. Not ghost dogs, not space cats, not telepathic voles and not astrological creatures. It’s not all the same.

Putting it all in one place makes it appear to be all the same. Setting yourself up to cover all of these subjects, and more, blends them together in the eyes of the sceptics who, remember, aren’t actually studying any of these subjects. They are looking for targets. Putting all those targets in one place makes it easy.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been told ‘So you’re into all that paranormal stuff, eh? Say hello to the little green men next time you see them.’

I’ve seen meteor showers. I’ve watched satellites pass overhead. I’ve seen Venus and Mercury. I’ve seen many aircraft lights at night. I have never seen a UFO. I haven’t even been looking.

Oh, I’m interested in all those other subjects. I’m interested in biology, chemistry and physics too. There’s a lander approaching Mars as I write. I hope it gets there safely because I want to hear about the information it sends back. I’m interested in all subjects of science and in many subjects outside science.

I cannot study them all. Nobody can. I study the phenomenon referred to as ‘ghosts’. That’s it. No Russian women move paperclips under glass in my lab. Nobody takes telepathy tests. Nobody gets healed. I’d be very interested to read of any positive results in those cases but I don’t perform the experiments.

If you want to study a subject in detail then you have to specialise. Spreading yourself over a whole range of disparate fields just means you get a superficial impression of each and an in-depth knowledge of none. The edges blur in your mind until it becomes difficult to separate each subject. When a sceptic pounds you with ‘there is no proof of telepathy so UFO’s aren’t real either’, there should be no problem slapping them down. After all, alchemy has been discredited so its younger cousin, chemistry, must be bunk too, right? It’s the same argument.

If your sceptic can bounce from one subject to another, pouring liberal quantities of scorn, how will you defend yourself? It’s far easier if you stick to one subject and refuse to be deflected. Try to catch me out with a scathing critique of faith healing? Never studied it. Back to ghosts. Telekinesis? Never studied it. Back to ghosts.

Specialise, people. Sceptics are looking for cracks. Every subject, paranormal or mainstream, has a crack or two. Every subject has a ‘we don’t know yet’ section. If it didn’t, it would be closed and stamped ‘finished’. Don’t put all your work into the paranormal’s equivalent of ‘general science for remedials’. Specialise. Focus. Concentrate your efforts.

There are a host of subject areas all mixed together under the paranormal heading. It’s time to separate them out.

Time to get some real results.


*Someone Else’s Problem.


Alien Contactee said...

Simply stated, UFOs have beings within them. Those beings have been reported to be dwelling amongst humans (in spirit). These would be contactees. Consequenty, the paranormal goes along with aliens and UFOs hand and hand now. This appears to be a new agenda for aliens since abductions ceased quite some time ago. This new agenda is termed alien induction and it does most certainly exist.

Romulus Crowe said...

I do not deny its existence. Nor can I confirm it.

All I stated was that I don't study this area of research.

You've missed the point. The 'paranormal' is not a single area of research. It's an umbrella term covering widely disparate range of studies, and that is wrong.

What you study, and what I study, are entirely different things which require entirely different approaches.

I'm not claiming 'paranormal' as the sole preserve of the ghost investigator. I'm saying the term should not exist at all.

'Paranormal'is a target for the sceptic. It does not help me and it does not help you. We work in different fields. We use different methods. We study different things.

Lumping them together weakens us both.

Don't you see that? I'm not criticising your work at all. I am not saying you're wrong.

I'm saying you're in a different field of study.

Specialise. Concentrate. Focus.

It's the only way to get any kind of credibility. Arguing amongst ourselves is futile.

Alien Contactee said...

They're all lumped together because they are all 'fringe'.

Most all websites that do UFOs, aliens and the paranormal, also do other 'fringe' topics.

I just typed (UFO bigfoot) and got 251,000 hits in Google. In other words, if it's 'fringe' you'll always find them sitting alongside one another.

The point I was making was because of what you said initially, which was, "The thing is, all these subject areas are different".

Ghosts and UFOs are not different because the paranormal is prevalent in both subjects. Consequently, ghosts and UFOs (aliens) go hand in hand.

Now Bigfoot or nessie wouldn't certainly but since they're 'fringe' you'll always find them alongside the rest.

Romulus Crowe said...

I've never met an alien ghost. That's not to say there aren't any - aliens are mortal too, after all. From what I've read of UFO's the occupants are very much alive.

Ghosts are a residual form of human life (or the main form, depending on your viewpoint)from this world, whereas aliens are, by definition, living beings from another world.

They are not the same thing.

Yes, both subjects are 'fringe'. along with telepathy, faith healing and many, many other things. They'll stay fringe as long as we treat them as if they are the same.

I aim to have my subject area - ghosts - regarded one day as a serious scientific subject. I might never live to see it but I'll keep trying.

Surely you want the same for your subject area? Yes, we're both 'fringe' now but aren't we both trying to make our subjects mainstream?

It's not going to happen all in one go. Every component has to be studied and proved individually. Proof of telepathy, for example, would not be proof of faith healing or ghosts or UFO's or Bigfoot. It would be proof of that one component of that one subject.

That's why we need to specialise. Concentrate on finding evidence of one aspect of the paranormal and once that's done, move on to another.

If we continue to lump it all together and try to find proof of 'the paranormal' in one go, it'll never work.

Most paranormal investigators spread themselves too thin. They try to cover all aspects of this very wide area so they don't get too deeply into any one aspect.

I choose to study one aspect in detail and leave the rest to others. It doesn't mean I've dismissed the other subjects, it just means I think I've the best chance of success with this one.

The paranormal isn't one subject. It's a lot of different subjects pushed together because they are, as you say, 'fringe'.

One by one, we should bring them in from the fringes.

SoD said...

If a reader have read only one article given me to write … they would know that I am very celestial minded individual … all I speak of are matters mostly not of this visible planet … I won’t ever apologize for this … I can only say celestial matters are my nature and my purpose during this temporary stay …

So … as to not deviate from my purpose in this life, I would like to say … This global Sphere we now refer to as Earth …. is as a grounded Root-Rock …it is the foundation and ground source for four main (community size) pockets of open atmosphere floating unseen through Earth skies which each are referred to as a heaven …. These hidden pockets of heaven are also sort of an entry and exit Port Station for celestial Travelers …. Each linked to their particular alignment of celestial pockets which extend up through dark space … each upper pocket of heaven are as one step in an established ladder to their next open pocket of heaven …. Each are referred to as a Spirit World simply because each their Reality are held in a Higher Accelerated Frequency, and established of a Higher Velocity Time Frame.

These aligned pockets of heaven are not to be confused with that Port Station hidden on the dark side of the moon which was taken over by that Satan celestial alliance ….

Never the less …. each of the four individual ‘floating pockets of heaven’ and each their individual celestial alignment, are referred to as a ’World’ …. Even Earth of it’s visual reality is considered a World, as it set enclosed in it’s sort of unique ‘shrink-wrapped’ pocket of space ….. Yet all of these Worlds associated with Earth, hold their place here within this great expanse of endless darkness …. It is this expanse which is known as the Seventh Universal Plane …. Most every goal of every World associated with this planet … is to find that contact link which would attach their celestial alliance through the crystallized Firmament associated with the Sixth Universal Plane ….. That link which will carry through every preceding Firmament through to that First Universal Plane …

With such Worlds in mind … it was Jesus of Nazareth whom again I must say I do dearly love … who was indeed that Celestial Contact ….

It was High up through dark space that Jesus of Nazareth was reincarnated in birth …. It was up there in one particular open pocket of heaven … of one particular colony of people …. Associated with one particular celestial alignment …. Rooted by one particular transparent pocket of heaven floating in Earth skies …. It was this particular celestial world in which a Particular High governing Entity in Power … did send that which was necessary to establish a Celestial Power Source referred to as a ‘Christ‘ which would link this particular World’s alignment …. Which at the same time would link this Earth with the Highest Universal Plane …. Needless to say … with great trickery and deception .. Satan colony and allies did hinder this endeavor ….

But now all things are back on course …. Or maybe off course was on course after all
I write so that Walkers of the Good Faith will not be left uninformed in these matters in this new UFO era that now approaches …. …

Southern Writer said...

I'm sticking to astrology. Ghosts are endlessly fascinating, but sometimes a bit too scary for me, so I leave them to you, knowing you'll inform me when you make any really interesting discoveries.

I just stopped in for a quick hello. The weather map is showing a hellacious storm headed my way, so I'll be unplugging the computer and sleeping like a baby. If I die before I wake, you'll see me sooner, rather than later.

Romulus Crowe said...

SW - sticking to one subject is best, I'm sure.

Hope you survived those storms. They've started here now. There's been lightning but His aim is still awful - I can still look up into the rain and shout 'Missed!'

Sod - I'm not sure what your exact message is, but good luck with researching it. I'll leave it to you.

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