Saturday, March 08, 2008

Not fade away.

Bad blood is like an egg stain on your chin,
You can lick it but it still won't go away.

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band; Bad Blood.

Apologies for the confusion of song titles. The Rolling Stones could have been singing about Tony Blair, and so could the Bonzos.

This hideous sycophant, thrice Prime Minister of a country full of morons who can't read voting forms, has just been honoured by Yale university.

He's useless, and has more faces than a dodecahedron, but he will not go away. This is the man-shaped thing who approved gay marriage, approved abortion, set up an idiot as the Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury and then became Catholic saying he wanted to be one all along. How can the Catholic church accept someone who defies their basic tenets? Well, I suspect money talks louder and faster than God. He couldn't play religion while in office because Cromwell made sure no Catholic could be Prime Minister. Pity he didn't include an IQ minimum rating in his definitions, rather than worrying about religion.

The grinning weasel then took the job of bringing peace to the Middle East. Great idea. Let's send the man who has done most to irritate the Arabs, and who has just joined the Crusader religion, to talk about how they can arrange peace. I'm surprised he still has his head. A little disappointed, too, I have to say. There's been no improvement in that part of the world, I note. If anything it's getting worse. Sounds like Tony's been busy and working true to form.

Now he is going to teach the American youth. To those students who might have to suffer the glare of light from his teeth, I say 'Don't listen. Look away. This is not a free man, this is a number.'

I think he's a lizard in a skin. Where's David Icke when he's needed?


ThatGreenyFlower said...

Wow. Um. You don't like the guy much, I guess?

('Sall good...I hate GWB also.)

Romulus Crowe said...

Well, he's a politician so he's on the 'dislike' list by default.

This particular politician has made lies, deceit and broken promises an art form and his successor is no better. Between them they have raised public unrest to unprecedented levels.

Well, there is one precedent. It was rather like this in the early 1640's under the first King Charles. I wonder if the next King Charles will experience something similar? It's starting to look that way.

Just waiting for the next Cromwell to emerge.

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