Friday, April 20, 2007

Letting it lie.

It may seem that I am ignoring the Virginia shootings.

I am. There is a reason.

The story, and the nut's face and name, are all over newspapers every day in the UK. It must be ten times worse in the US. Analyses of why, and who to blame, abound. The crackpot's photos and video, that he sent to a news station, have been on TV. I haven't seen them. I won't.

Why? Because that is exactly what he wanted. He has the whole world talking about him, he makes daily headlines, and half the world is blaming the other half for what he did. It's ridiculous. Nobody is to blame apart from the one who pulled the trigger.

There are more like this. More time-bomb lunatics waiting for their day to explode. They read this news and think that if they do the same, they can get a little of that fame too. They can be on TV, they can go down in history, they can set the world ablaze. They can end their self-pitying, worthless lives as Somebody. It disgusts me to have to say they are right.

That is why I'm ignoring this. If the time-bombs think they'll be famous, it encourages them. If they think they'll get no more than a single mention, and that as a sad loser who's entirely to blame for his actions, they might not be so keen to go ahead with their schemes.

I have heard this nut's name a thousand times now. I have seen rows of copies of his face in every newsagent's shop, and on every news programme. I have seen almost nothing of the victims, and heard none of their names. Am I the only one to think there's something sickening about that?

I will not repeat his name here. He is not worth the attention. If I had my way, he would be stricken from history, every trace of his existence deleted. That should be the fate of those who seek to glorify themselves in this way, not front-page daily news.

Think about the time-bombs reading those newspapers, the feeble and weak minds who blame everyone but themselves for their condition. Do we want them to think they can gain a last blast of fame this way? Do we want those time-bombs to speed their timers?

The news should concentrate on the victims. The perpetrator should be deleted. That won't stop the time-bombs but it might slow them down. It might give them time to rethink, it might save lives.

Encouraging them with the promise of fame will not.


Scary Monster said...

"Thanks" for thye llama song. Me can't get it out of me head. Me even be substituting 'Monster'for'llama'and 'stomp' for 'duck'.

Me is going nuts!

Me agrees with you on not giving the tiniest smidgen of attention to the scum that destroy. They should be erased and the energy spent villifying, turned towards the victims so that they may attempt to put their lives together again.

Here is another blogger that shares the same opinion. He be worth reading.


Romulus Crowe said...

Ah, I should have mentioned the addictive nature of that song. You won't rest until you know all the words :)

I took a look at Kanrei's blog. He's just gone on holiday but I'll certainly be back for another look.

tom sheepandgoats said...

Four days after the shootings, NPR reported that students had erected a large sign on the athletic field: "V. T. Stay Strong. Media Stay Away." Students were also circulating a petition thanking police authorities for their protection, declaring the bad press such ones had received from the media totally unjustified. They similarly expressed support for the college's administration.

The media blame people because it stretches out the story. Lawyers blame people because....well, we all know.

The students, the ones affected are not.

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